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These two people are as inspiring as they are just all around incredible people. Marilyn and Robert had a whirlwind romance that included being able to get married by sheer luck; moving across the ocean to Japan shortly after they had wed; and having to adjust to military life, newlywed life, and a life away […]

August 22, 2017

These Two Prove Love isn’t Dead // Marilyn + Robert

This is my beautiful little girl, Adaline. I absolutely adore her sweet spirit, and can’t believe how much she has grown in the past year! Not only has she grown and changed physically, but she also has begun to show so much more of her personality. And let me tell you, she has got one […]

August 10, 2017

How I Did It: Baby Monthly Photos

When I started my business several years ago, I was completely overwhelmed by all the things I needed to do. Not just on the photography side, but on the business side. And gosh, it’s exhausting trying to keep up with everything! But over the years, I’ve found several money saving tricks. My only regret is […]

August 1, 2017

This One Simple Change In my Business Saved Me THOUSANDS (And Bonus, You can do it too!)

I’ve been practicing film for a while, but this is one of my earlier shoots, all on film. These two are absolutely darling!

July 18, 2017

Photo Native Styled Shoot

Nervous about getting your engagements taken? Don’t be! Check out these great tips to calm your nerves and prepare you for some STUNNING photos! 1)  One of the most important things in a shoot is what you’re wearing. These are photos that you’re going to  be sending out to guests, hanging on your walls, using for […]

July 3, 2017

Tips for STUNNING Engagement Photos // Sabrina + Jason Las Vegas Desert Engagements

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I’m utterly in love and obsessed with these gorgeous bridal photos. And the lacy Claire LaFaye wedding dress combined with the stunning Vegas desert is perfect! Everything came together beautifully for this shoot. I mean, look at those florals, dress, makeup, and WIND!!! Gosh, it really was a dream come true! Taken at the Vegas Shootout […]

March 24, 2017

Wild Rose Dusty Vegas Desert

Several months ago, I attended a gorgeous inspiration shoot hosted by Seventh Heaven Vintage Rentals, and it was perfection! I’d never been to Half Moon Bay, but it took my breath away! I’d go every day, if it weren’t a 2 hour drive away 😉 I took so many images at this shoot, that I’ve […]

October 29, 2016

Editorial: Half Moon Bay // Details