Hi! I'm Elyse...

...and I am your hype girl! At least that's what many of my past brides & grooms have called me. And when I start singing at your photo session, that's when you KNOW I've got some reeeeeally good shots (I literally do this. Watch my video below, and you'll see.) My proudest moment of every single session is when the guy walks away saying, "that actually wasn't so bad!" or even better when they admit, "Okay, that was actually kind of fun." It happens pretty frequently, not to brag or anything.
I want your session to be a MEMORABLE experience. That's why you'll never ever EVER hear the words "say cheeese" come out of my mouth. 

Oh, and I have three ADORABLE kids and the CUUUUEST 80 lb. labradoodle puppy you've ever seen (okay, I might be a tiny bit biased). 
Images by 4 Corners Photography

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These are a few of my favorite things.


My kids are adorable, but also have more energy than I think is technically humanly possible. And we have an 80lb labradoodle "puppy" who will definitely assume you are his BEST friend. 

My Sweet Family


I don't mean the bouquets you find at the grocery store (in fact, I thought I always hated flowers because they died so quickly). But wedding florists have given new LIFE to my love of florals. I'm always amazed at the artwork they create. 


My life dream would be to travel to all the places in the world and find the beauty there. Because whether we're in Paris or the streets of Las Vegas, there is beauty to be found everywhere.

The Office

Oh gosh, yeah. I watch this show probably way too much. It'll probably be on in the background when I edit your photos, reply to your emails, and draft up your timeline. 

The absolute BEST part of being a wedding photographer is finding the unique & special stories in each wedding day. Like when the new groom plays around with his wedding ring that he's wearing for the first time. Or the absolutely HUGE smile the bride has on her face during the first look. Or when the brides get ready together and clasp hands before walking out to their ceremony. Or when the bridesmaids all tear up during the vows of the ceremony. Or the perfect crepe flowers that the bride & her mom spent weeks creating. Or when the bride's dad absolutely loses it when his sees his little girl in her wedding dress.  Or the best man who has everyone howling with laughter during his speech. Or the son who sees his mom in her wedding dress for the first time, about to marry his dad. The tiny stories throughout the day are endless, and capturing them is one of my favorite parts of being a wedding photographer 

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