Years from now, photos & the accompanying memories are all we have to look back on. This is why I'm so passionate about what I do as a wedding photographer and why one of my favorite things to talk about with my couples is their wedding album. You see, your wedding album is your new family's very first heirloom. Something that you'll look at over the years and remember one of the happiest days of your life (so far, I promise there will be many more!). But your wedding album isn't just for you. It's for your kids and your grandkids. So they can see their mom dressed beautifully looking at their dad with adoration and love. So they can see their grandpa who teared up as he watched his love walk down the aisle. The special moments captured during your wedding will become part of the stories that you tell when you talk about your wedding day. And the photos you have printed are the ones that will make the greatest lasting impact. The ones your mind will recall when you think about your wedding day and your love story.

When my parents were married, they wore traditional Norwegian wedding clothing. My dad even wore tights! The first time they met was in Norway (they had both lived there for a few years), and to commemorate that part of their relationship, they included it in their wedding. I have seen exactly one photo from their wedding day--the photo of them wearing their Norwegian wedding attire. But even thinking about it makes me smile. It's special to me because they're my parents. And seeing my mom and dad's young faces smiling back at me from that photo created a stronger connection between us. Because they were once just like me. Sometimes I forget that.


Now, there's another reason why I talk about Wedding Albums with my couples. As a photographer, I've seen it all. Everything from the most expensive and high end albums to the cheapest (and lowest quality). I've done a LOT of research to be able to use the word Heirloom when I talk about my albums. I want your wedding album to outlive you, not fall apart or discolor after a few years. Precious heirlooms only deserve to be called such when they can stand the test of time. Which is why I use the company I do.

Each album is crafted by hand. Carefully printed on true photographic paper, cut to exact size, and mounted for stability and durability. Every album lays flat and is flushmount, meaning an image can cover an entire spread without being disrupted by white lines or gutters. The covers are hand cut & hand pressed onto the album to ensure quality and a long life. And finally, each album is carefully packaged to ensure safe arrival and safe storage when not in use. Your Heirloom wedding album from me was not created to "wow" you the first, second, or even 10th time you looked through it. It is created to wow you when you flip through the pages 10, 20, 50 years from now. Because that's really when you're going to be wanting to remember those moments. When times maybe feel a little harder or when your son gets curious about how the two of you met or when your granddaughter wants to see what grandma wore on her wedding day. Your marriage is meant to last. So should your wedding album.